Montag, 4. Juli 2011

Independence Day and Liberty

     The main reason our nation is in the shape that its in is because we are in rebellion against God. Of course, the reader may have heard such sentiment before but I have a new twist to give the reader as to the cause of liberty that led to our national independence, and to tie the cause of liberty with the problem of rebellion. I had the good fortune to come across an excellent program on the true definition of liberty. Go to and read the transcript of radio program. Read the following quote from the guest Daniel Ford, author of The Legacy of Liberty and Property:      "The idea of liberty is quite different – 200 years ago, 300 years ago, than it was now. That was the kind of liberty that bore fruit. Today, we tend to have a libertarian view of liberty, which is autonomy from authority. Back then, the essence of liberty was to hold to your first accountability each individual’s first accountability directly to God. If each individual has a direct accountability to God and himself, then there’s limits upon the authority that other people can place upon him. So liberty is all about responsibility to the highest source of authority and power, and that’s God himself. Each person has, if you will, a liberty in themselves because the essential piece of property they own is their body and their mind. Then what the Lord blesses them with is what they are stewards to him in, which is in essence your property – what you have. Liberty is in fact enjoying that freedom to be accountable to God first in all things."
     Liberty, according to the above definition, is the right to answer to God in all things. When the government interferes with our actions in answering to God through how we live our lives in accordance to His will then we have a right to rebel against the government. The early Christians, for example, refused to worship Caesar because they were acting upon their liberty to obey God, even at the risk of death. When Patrick Henry spoke the words, "Give me liberty or give me death," he was speaking as a Christian who understood the true meaning of liberty. The liberty that ought to be the rallying call for Americans is the one that affirms our right to live our lives in such a way so we can answer directly to God. As it is written, "Then Peter and thae other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men." (Acts 5:29).
     The true meaning of liberty reminds us that America will not be trully a "Sweet Land of Liberty" as long as we refuse to obey our Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ. When we take responsibility for our actions before God through our liberty we would want to live in accordance to His will; to do what is pleasing to him. When libertarians seek autonomy from authority are they including God as an object of authority to avoid? Refusing to approach God in obediance is rebellion against God, which is slavery to sin. Our heritage is the true liberty that we our called to defend in the name of our Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ.


Montag, 23. Mai 2011

I Hate the Fed and So Should You

The contemporary pop culture commandment of “Don’t hate” has led me to the reasonable conjecture that it originated by communist propagandists, who cleverly found a way to brainwash people with this glib slogan to believe that it is wrong to hate, so as to weaken their moral sense to hate for the right reasons. Hatred of evil motivates people to act to fight it. The communist propagandists want to short circuit the emotional force that compels people with righteous indignation to act against evil.  I will use the example of the Fed, i.e. the Federal Reserve System, to illustrate my point on the importance of hate for justice to be done. I hate the Fed because it robs people of their property by inflating the currency, resulting in needless higher prices that do not reflect the true value of goods and services. Am I wrong to hate that which commits an evil such as stealing, which is what the Fed is doing against working Americans? I will go further and emphatically state that I hate the Fed because it makes the Powers that Be who control it more powerful over us as they profit from the unconstitutional wars they fund our military to fight- through usury exacted against our children and our children’s children. We become slaves to these financial masters of deceit. Forget about pulling punches because a man that hates evil is not going to be inclined to pulling punches, believe me. Interest is a euphemistic synonym of usury, which God prohibits according to the Holy Bible. I hate evil; I hate the Fed. The Fed is evil. Think about this statement. I will not gloss my disdain with economic justifications for auditing the Fed. I refuse to be reasonable because I am a hater of evil. I hate the Fed because it is evil. You do not reason with evil; you fight it. You follow our Lord and Our Savior Jesus Christ and turnover the tables of the money changers. You do not have hearings because they should have already happened by now. Ron Paul is a gentleman- and he will take a gentleman’s approach. As a commoner I will make my hatred known. Hate what is evil and love what is good. A sound and honest money system is good- and all good comes from God. Let God’s will b e done! Hate the Fed and join with others to destroy it. Be a modern day Andrew Jackson and rout the evil out!

© 2011, Paul M. Lovett         

Dienstag, 22. März 2011

Calling Out the ADL as Christ-Hating Jews

 The ADL is an unregistered foreign agent of the state of Israel, which spies on patriotic Americans and provides intelligence for Mossad: the intelligence agency of Israel. The latter statement is one that many in the freedom movement would agree with as factual but another known fact would not be mentioned openly, lest the one reporting it would be labeled as an anti-Semite. The fear of that hackneyed label is understandable, given the possible repercussions of involuntary termination from employers who are acutely reactionary to any freethinking individual who has the courage to speak the truth, albeit unpleasant and offensive to many who are unduly influenced by the mainstream propaganda of political correctness. Speaking the truth openly against the ADL smears of leaders in the patriot movement requires an honest and bold approach to be effective. The example of Jesus Christ in speaking the truth, through his courageous transparency of condemning the Pharisees of his day, is one that many Christians in the freedom movement could follow but refuse to for fear of personal repercussions. As I learned about the ADL’s activism against the political speech critical of Jews and Israel I became indignant as I see freedom to share ideas as a God-given right. The ADL has the audacity of pushing for anti-hate legislation when the Bill of Rights is crystal clear on freedom of speech. Given the inalienable right of political speech the ADL is, knowingly or not, usurping the divine prerogative of God in granting people such rights. I see this act of usurpation as subversion to the ordered liberty that our Founding Fathers established for all Americans to enjoy. As a Christian I am compelled to follow the example of Christ regarding the Jews of the ADL. I will call them out as Christ-hating Jews because of their attempt to preclude Christian values in public life through their push for more anti-hate legislation against Christians. The ADL has already succeeded in muffling the voice of Christian preachers in Canada, by pushing for anti-hate laws that have already resulted in jailing Christian preachers who publically condemn the immoral practice of homosexuality. I cannot sit back and condone this act of contempt towards my fellow Christians by keeping my thoughts to myself on this controversial topic. I will express them openly as God gave me the courage to follow my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If following Christ in this manner will result in persecution then so be it. The image of Jesus Christ overturning the tables of the moneychangers in the temple inspires me to protest against the Federal Reserve and its fiat monetary system of financial enslavement. I believe it is God’s will for Americans to live in freedom. The ADL is an enemy to freedom- and I believe that as an enemy of freedom the ADL is an enemy to God.
© 2011 Paul M, Lovett           

Sonntag, 20. März 2011

Demonizing White Nationalists for Protecting the Interests of Whites

I believe most people would be struck by the peculiarity of someone criticizing a father for protecting his child from an assailant, through the appropriate measure of physical intervention. Imagine some bystander berating a man for pushing an assailant carrying a knife towards the child. The spectacle of a man being subjected to moral condemnation for merely preventing the assailant from attacking the child should incite the righteous indignation of any right-thinking observer. However, in this screwed up world of people pusillanimously heeding to the politically correct dictates of the long dead and buried Judeo-Marxist intelligentsia of the Frankfurt School, the general public is sadly far from being right-thinking. As you may suspect I am trying to go somewhere with the above hypothetical situation by using it as an analogy to describe the present state of affairs the White Nationalist movement is up against. The longstanding affirmative action policy of legalized discrimination against Whites has bred justifiable resentment among our people. However, when our people stand up against this unjust government policy they our deemed “racist” and “haters.” Affirmative action is a government policy that is openly hostile to Whites, which is exploited by Zionists powers that be and their favored minority benefactors for their selfish ends- and condoned by the misguided White majority of mainstream media consumers.
The Zionists powers that be have succeeded; in this case of continuing the unjust policy of affirmative action, in corrupting the rational thought processes of Americans through decades of mass media brainwashing.  The corruption has reached the depths of resigned acceptance of this injustice by many of our people, as though the absurd social spectacle of affirmative action was something tantamount to the cyclical natural occurrence of the sun rising in the morning. Granted, affirmative action is a de facto reality but it is far from being natural in accordance to God’s will of maintaining a just social order of rewarding people for the application of their aptitude, through the meritorious achievement of meeting the legitimate needs of people. Affirmative action is social deviance, a caricature of justice, and a distorted view of productive human relations. Affirmative action is ungodly, and from an authentic Christian perspective the sign of the anti-Christ because it awards envious resentment among those who think nothing of stealing a job from a more qualified applicant who is not favored by the Zionists powers that be.
The man in the analogy, as you may know, is the racially-conscious White Man: the Protector of his Children, which is the White Race. He is demonized when he takes a fatherly stand against the injustice of affirmative action, the knife in the analogy; because the Zionists powers that be, the assailant in the analogy, know that the racially-conscious White Man is the only legitimate threat to the success of their treachery: the continued corruption of the White Race. The Zionists powers that be have every reason to perpetuate the public demonization of the racially-conscious White Man through their control of the mainstream media. Think about it; without perpetuating the demonization Whites, the bystanders in the analogy, would no longer take part in the absurdity of condemning their racially-conscious brethren for protecting their interest through political activism against affirmative action, and the Zionists powers that be will consequently fail is this divide and conquer tactic.
© 2011 Paul M. Lovett

Nationalist Libertarianism: The Resurgence of Patriotic Anti-Zionism

The political duopoly of the Democratic and Republican parties support the foreign interests of Israel as demonstrated by the billions of dollars of foreign aid their agents in Congress appropriate for this criminal regime. Congress is Israel’s political whore- and Americans condone this illicit relationship by voting for the same Israel-First politicians over and over again. The pro-war neoconservative and neoliberals are against the interests of our country because they enable the corporations and banks to profit from the spilling of American blood, which will continue as long as Americans rely on fiat currency for their daily bread. The foreign bank of the Federal Reserve has remained in place since 1913- and Congress as yet to end the practice of relegating their constitutional duty to coin and regulate money to this un-American criminal enterprise. The usury economic system that Americans are enslaved under is against clear biblical teaching.  As written in Deuteronomy 23:19-20, “Thou shall not lend with usury to thy brother; usury of money or of grain, usury of any thing that is lent is unclean.” Usury was, and still is, a Jewish dominated practice, epitomized by the Rothschild banking family of Europe, who has had a controlling interest in the Federal Reserve through their Bank of England.  Fiat money from the banks is what finances the unconstitutional wars we are fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, and now in Libya because of the no-fly zone now being imposed. Americans have been debt slaves and cannon fodder for the elite foreign Jewish bankers because of the economic and foreign policy of Congress, which is beholden to the corporations, banks, and Israel- and not to the American people. The majority in Congress have contempt, knowingly or not, for Americans as shown by their support for free trade agreements and globalization policies that are robbing Americans of their jobs, by their support of unconstitutional wars that benefit Israel, and by their support of a so-called economic stimulus package that increased the profits for Jew banks such as Goldman Sachs. The contempt of Congress is even deeper against White Americans as they are shut out of jobs to make room for minorities under affirmative action.  What we need are economic and foreign policies that unabashedly place working Americans first, not corporations, banks, and Israel.
We need a federal government that protects working Americans from the deleterious effects of globalization by ensuring that Americans are given preference to jobs over foreigners that are employed by American-based corporations. The libertarian liassez faire economic policies are not in the interests of working Americans because they do not distinguish Americans from foreigners when it comes to jobs. If a foreign corporation is doing business in America the same preference to working Americans should apply. A federal government that cannot protect the economic interests of working Americans is unfit to govern. Secondly, the unconstitutional wars being fought on Israel’s behalf need to stop because they go against the interests of working Americans, as they are the ones who are forced to pay the debt to the foreign Jewish bankers who profit from the spilling of American blood. Furthermore, the Israeli government has contempt for Christians as it is illegal for Christians to proselytize others to the good news of Jesus Christ in Israel. Providing foreign aid to a regime that has contempt for Christians is highly inappropriate as many working Americans are Christians-and they would understandably be offended to know that their tax dollars are being used by an anti-Christ regime to persecute Christians. But here in America we have religious freedom, which affords Zionist Jews to worship according to their Christ-hating Talmud. Thirdly, Congress needs to assume its rightful constitutional authority and duty to regulate money- and to wrest the control of the People’s money from the elite foreign Jewish bankers. Fourthly, the Israeli Lobby needs to be broken because of the inordinate power and influence they have over American foreign policy, which goes against the interests of working Americans.  Conflating the political interests of America and Israel only conceals from the public the primary loyalty that the neoconservative Jews have for Israel over America.
 Lastly, a healthy "America First" sentiment needs to be ignited in the hearts of freedom-loving Americans because we are the only ones that can effectively turn the tables against the Zionists traitors to our nation. America was founded by our European ancestors because of their love for freedom, which is a value that compelled them to colonize the New World. We, as freedom-loving Americans, are the defenders of the legacy of freedom- and we are expected to lead in the fight against the enemies of freedom such as the Zionists, Communists, and Socialists who despise what we stand for. Make no mistake, for freedom to be nurtured it must be protected by the people through government by enacting and enforcing laws that protect the American worker and businesses from negative impact of globalization, and the destabilizing effects of a usury-based economic system of fiat currency controlled by foreign elite Jewish bankers. The phrase “foreign elite Jewish bankers” is appropriate and fitting because it calls out and identifies the traitors to America. A strong American nationalism needs to be in place for freedom to flourish. Some so-called “conservatives” will wax eloquently about the Founding Fathers but choose to ignore their nationalist economic policy of the tariff to protect American industry. Some so-called “libertarians” will advocate economic freedom but dismiss the plight of an unemployed American man as a result of a market self-correction, who is trying to find work to support his wife and children after being fired by a company who hired an H1B visa holder from India to take his place- or worst a criminal illegal alien from Mexico. For freedom to flourish it must be protected. The enemies of freedom must be fought in the political arena lest we lose what little freedom we have left. The major enemy is the anti-Christ Zionist and Communist Jews who wants so-called anti-hate legislation to silence the political speech of  freedom-loving Americans who are not afraid to speak the truth about Zionist treachery. America is the last bastion of freedom. Nationalist Libertarianism strikes a balance between the interests of nation and freedom so as to effectively defend our last bastion of freedom. Nationalist Libertarians need to approach the anti-Christ Zionist and Communist Jews as enemies of our nation and freedom because they have proven themselves as enemies by their political agenda and actions. Only an honest and bold approach to this enemy would enable us to more effectively defend our nation and our freedom.  
© 2011 Paul M. Lovett                  

Sonntag, 9. Januar 2011

Say "No" to the Republican and Democratic Political Duopoly

The following quotation is my response to the monitor of the Libertarian-Nationalist Forum on Facebook, regarding his lack of confidence on the third parties in a spirited debate I had with him about the impact of third parties and the anti-war agenda has on a genuine pro-freedom nationalist movement. You can read the thread at

     "Jeff, you can do what you like in not supporting any third party to counter the corrupt political duopoly that places corporate interests above that of Americans. However, by continuing the self-defeating practice of rewarding the duopoly with votes they will continue in their complacent and arrogant violation of our rights via the Patriot Act and the unconstitutional wars fought abroad. The Patriot Act is still in place- and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are still going on. There is no comparison between the power of the Israeli Lobby and Palestinian lobby organizations. It is patently un-American for the United States to reward military aid to Israel, which is used to commit atrocities against Palestinian citizens. A measured noninterventionist approach of weaning Israel off of foreign aid, to the extent of helping them to temporarily maintain their military for self-defense (on the condition of not using its military in retribution against the Palestinians for the terrorist acts of a few), is in order for the interest of justice and in tempered recognition of the relationship we had with Israel. The aforementioned approach would be followed by terminating military aid to Israel- and foreign aid all together for not only Israel but other countries as well because the United States Constitution does not authorize Congress to legislate foreign aid. The billions of dollars saved by such an approach could be used by the states, counties, and cities to build up their respective infrastructures, which would help provide jobs and help American businesses. I would rather vote my conscience. You can keep your allegiance to the duopoly for the sake of pragmatic expediency and temporary victories, which for me would be an act of compromising my moral views."                     
     It has been over 9 years and the Patriot Act and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are still being fought with American blood and treasure. The Republican and Democrats are complicit in the continuation of violating our rights at home and in fighting unconstitutional wars abroad. So what difference has it made in throwing out the Patriot Act, dismantling the DHS, and ending these unconstitutional wars? Nothing! But we award the political duopoly with votes even when they continue to perpetuate what many of us are politically and morally against. As for me I will vote third party for the simple fact that I would be voting my conscience and give more loudness and clarity to the muffled voices of reason and sanity from the "legitimate Left and Right" to quote Anthony J. Hilder in his video Illuminazi 9-11. I will continue to fight for what is right, either it be from the Left or Right because what is right is right- no matter what side it's coming from. We need to stop thinking inside the the psychological toy box the mainstream media has created for us, and stop falling into the Left/Right political paradigm trap that our self-appointed elite masters want us to play under according to their rules. No more games with our minds. We are adults-not children. We are losing our rights daily and our youth are being killed and maimed for the corporations, the banks, and Israel. Enough. No more. Stop the madness of moral compromise and vote your conscience now.  

Sonntag, 2. Januar 2011

They Want Your Soul (1 of 2)

War with Iran is Treason against America

If going to war with Iran, which is what many neocons want, could jeopardize our national economy even more than the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan then would it be safe to extrapolate that going to war with Iran is tantamount to treason? Tea-Party warmongers who cover themselves with the flag, such as Sarah Palin, may well appear to be unwitting dupes to destroy our nation. Treason is betrayal against We the People- and such betrayal can be expressed by violating the United States Constitution, which was intended by our Founding Fathers to restrain government from violating our rights. Well, it could be easily argued that this so-called “War on Terror” is being used to violate our rights. The “War on Terror” is being waged but we have not seen Congress declare war against any foreign power. Are we supposed to sit idly by and watch this renegade Congress “authorize” a war that does not represent the will of We the People?   Who gave Congress the power to dismiss the will of the people? Campaign financing from well-connected military contractors was one way for Congress to bypass the need to be accountable to the people. I would also include the neoconservative pundits and Christian Zionist preachers who cleverly use fear and religious conviction to persuade some well-meaning but misguided Tea Partiers to subscribe to their skewed loyalty to Israel towards the detriment of America. I am sure that many of these misguided Tea Partiers are patriotic- but sadly I am compelled to submit that their patriotism is misplaced by their warmongering. America does not need another war. Enough fallen Soldiers (capitalization intentional) have returned in body bags. Enough young children have lost their fathers – and, yes, their mothers who have served as war does not discriminate. And the middle aged and elderly parents of fallen Soldiers have to live with the unhappiness of living longer than their children. Do not take this as just another anti-war rant because the cause of my indignation is not based solely on the ravages of war but on my conviction that a war with Iran will destroy what little freedoms we have left.  Deep down we Americans value our freedoms more than whatever security our government could provide to us. Security has much to do with how we perceive it. Living in fear over a perceived threat which is not definitive is absurd and self-destructive to a life of embracing freedom and realizing ones personal potential. Granted, precautions need to be taken- but TSA workers groping the elderly and the handicapped is not the answer. As far as I am concerned war with Iran is treason against America because it would destroy our freedoms and economically impoverish us as the price of oil will skyrocket- and leave many Americans jobless and fold many businesses here at home. Are we having enough economic turmoil right now? Stop the betrayal of our freedoms, our livelihoods, and our way of life, which is treason. Yes, war with Iran is treason, given the results of such a war that would betray America and the freedoms she stands for. Let us keep America free and under God by not giving what the banks, the multinational, and th Israeli government wants, which is war with Iran.               

Samstag, 1. Januar 2011

Cause Against Zionists

I am challenged to contain the outrage I have over the atrocities being committed by the Israeli government against the Palestinians in Gaza. My anger is also aggravated by the complicity of my own government, which is providing the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) the means to brutally massacre innocent civilians. But most of all I am incensed by the destruction and maiming of the lives of Palestinian children and babies by the IDF. Palestinians are people, but they are being treated worse than animals. The Israeli government has no legitimate authority to encroach on Palestinian land by unlawfully bulldozing their homes and enabling Israeli settlers to displace Palestinians from the land that rightfully belongs to them. The United States government needs to cease providing foreign aid to Israel. Leave it to the American Jews to provide aid to their wayward brethren- or better yet make it illegal as such aid would be tantamount to aiding and abetting terrorism, which is what the Israeli government is engaged in by their acts of atrocities against the Palestinian people. Israel is not our friend because they have an unabashed hatred for Christians, as shown by their own laws that prohibit Christians from proselytizing through stiff fines and even imprisonment.  However, Jews in the United States enjoy religious freedom, but many of them support a foreign regime that violates the religious freedom of Christians.  I grow weary of such hypocrisy and the blatant control of the mainstream media by these Zionist supremacists.  I had enough- and I am compelled to fight these bastards in the political arena. No longer will I sit and watch my country go down the tubes with unconstitutional wars that benefit the banks, the multinationals, and Israel. I stand for America for Americans, not for Zionists who want to manipulate the American people to engage in self-destructive political support for neo-conservative politicians, who care more about gaining favor and political donations from AIPAC than in defending the United States Constitution. Kick the Zionists and their sycophantic politicians out of Washington and restore America for Americans so we can live in peace and prosperity for ourselves and our posterity.