Sonntag, 2. Januar 2011

War with Iran is Treason against America

If going to war with Iran, which is what many neocons want, could jeopardize our national economy even more than the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan then would it be safe to extrapolate that going to war with Iran is tantamount to treason? Tea-Party warmongers who cover themselves with the flag, such as Sarah Palin, may well appear to be unwitting dupes to destroy our nation. Treason is betrayal against We the People- and such betrayal can be expressed by violating the United States Constitution, which was intended by our Founding Fathers to restrain government from violating our rights. Well, it could be easily argued that this so-called “War on Terror” is being used to violate our rights. The “War on Terror” is being waged but we have not seen Congress declare war against any foreign power. Are we supposed to sit idly by and watch this renegade Congress “authorize” a war that does not represent the will of We the People?   Who gave Congress the power to dismiss the will of the people? Campaign financing from well-connected military contractors was one way for Congress to bypass the need to be accountable to the people. I would also include the neoconservative pundits and Christian Zionist preachers who cleverly use fear and religious conviction to persuade some well-meaning but misguided Tea Partiers to subscribe to their skewed loyalty to Israel towards the detriment of America. I am sure that many of these misguided Tea Partiers are patriotic- but sadly I am compelled to submit that their patriotism is misplaced by their warmongering. America does not need another war. Enough fallen Soldiers (capitalization intentional) have returned in body bags. Enough young children have lost their fathers – and, yes, their mothers who have served as war does not discriminate. And the middle aged and elderly parents of fallen Soldiers have to live with the unhappiness of living longer than their children. Do not take this as just another anti-war rant because the cause of my indignation is not based solely on the ravages of war but on my conviction that a war with Iran will destroy what little freedoms we have left.  Deep down we Americans value our freedoms more than whatever security our government could provide to us. Security has much to do with how we perceive it. Living in fear over a perceived threat which is not definitive is absurd and self-destructive to a life of embracing freedom and realizing ones personal potential. Granted, precautions need to be taken- but TSA workers groping the elderly and the handicapped is not the answer. As far as I am concerned war with Iran is treason against America because it would destroy our freedoms and economically impoverish us as the price of oil will skyrocket- and leave many Americans jobless and fold many businesses here at home. Are we having enough economic turmoil right now? Stop the betrayal of our freedoms, our livelihoods, and our way of life, which is treason. Yes, war with Iran is treason, given the results of such a war that would betray America and the freedoms she stands for. Let us keep America free and under God by not giving what the banks, the multinational, and th Israeli government wants, which is war with Iran.               

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