Sonntag, 9. Januar 2011

Say "No" to the Republican and Democratic Political Duopoly

The following quotation is my response to the monitor of the Libertarian-Nationalist Forum on Facebook, regarding his lack of confidence on the third parties in a spirited debate I had with him about the impact of third parties and the anti-war agenda has on a genuine pro-freedom nationalist movement. You can read the thread at

     "Jeff, you can do what you like in not supporting any third party to counter the corrupt political duopoly that places corporate interests above that of Americans. However, by continuing the self-defeating practice of rewarding the duopoly with votes they will continue in their complacent and arrogant violation of our rights via the Patriot Act and the unconstitutional wars fought abroad. The Patriot Act is still in place- and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are still going on. There is no comparison between the power of the Israeli Lobby and Palestinian lobby organizations. It is patently un-American for the United States to reward military aid to Israel, which is used to commit atrocities against Palestinian citizens. A measured noninterventionist approach of weaning Israel off of foreign aid, to the extent of helping them to temporarily maintain their military for self-defense (on the condition of not using its military in retribution against the Palestinians for the terrorist acts of a few), is in order for the interest of justice and in tempered recognition of the relationship we had with Israel. The aforementioned approach would be followed by terminating military aid to Israel- and foreign aid all together for not only Israel but other countries as well because the United States Constitution does not authorize Congress to legislate foreign aid. The billions of dollars saved by such an approach could be used by the states, counties, and cities to build up their respective infrastructures, which would help provide jobs and help American businesses. I would rather vote my conscience. You can keep your allegiance to the duopoly for the sake of pragmatic expediency and temporary victories, which for me would be an act of compromising my moral views."                     
     It has been over 9 years and the Patriot Act and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are still being fought with American blood and treasure. The Republican and Democrats are complicit in the continuation of violating our rights at home and in fighting unconstitutional wars abroad. So what difference has it made in throwing out the Patriot Act, dismantling the DHS, and ending these unconstitutional wars? Nothing! But we award the political duopoly with votes even when they continue to perpetuate what many of us are politically and morally against. As for me I will vote third party for the simple fact that I would be voting my conscience and give more loudness and clarity to the muffled voices of reason and sanity from the "legitimate Left and Right" to quote Anthony J. Hilder in his video Illuminazi 9-11. I will continue to fight for what is right, either it be from the Left or Right because what is right is right- no matter what side it's coming from. We need to stop thinking inside the the psychological toy box the mainstream media has created for us, and stop falling into the Left/Right political paradigm trap that our self-appointed elite masters want us to play under according to their rules. No more games with our minds. We are adults-not children. We are losing our rights daily and our youth are being killed and maimed for the corporations, the banks, and Israel. Enough. No more. Stop the madness of moral compromise and vote your conscience now.  

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