Samstag, 1. Januar 2011

Cause Against Zionists

I am challenged to contain the outrage I have over the atrocities being committed by the Israeli government against the Palestinians in Gaza. My anger is also aggravated by the complicity of my own government, which is providing the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) the means to brutally massacre innocent civilians. But most of all I am incensed by the destruction and maiming of the lives of Palestinian children and babies by the IDF. Palestinians are people, but they are being treated worse than animals. The Israeli government has no legitimate authority to encroach on Palestinian land by unlawfully bulldozing their homes and enabling Israeli settlers to displace Palestinians from the land that rightfully belongs to them. The United States government needs to cease providing foreign aid to Israel. Leave it to the American Jews to provide aid to their wayward brethren- or better yet make it illegal as such aid would be tantamount to aiding and abetting terrorism, which is what the Israeli government is engaged in by their acts of atrocities against the Palestinian people. Israel is not our friend because they have an unabashed hatred for Christians, as shown by their own laws that prohibit Christians from proselytizing through stiff fines and even imprisonment.  However, Jews in the United States enjoy religious freedom, but many of them support a foreign regime that violates the religious freedom of Christians.  I grow weary of such hypocrisy and the blatant control of the mainstream media by these Zionist supremacists.  I had enough- and I am compelled to fight these bastards in the political arena. No longer will I sit and watch my country go down the tubes with unconstitutional wars that benefit the banks, the multinationals, and Israel. I stand for America for Americans, not for Zionists who want to manipulate the American people to engage in self-destructive political support for neo-conservative politicians, who care more about gaining favor and political donations from AIPAC than in defending the United States Constitution. Kick the Zionists and their sycophantic politicians out of Washington and restore America for Americans so we can live in peace and prosperity for ourselves and our posterity.          

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