Montag, 23. Mai 2011

I Hate the Fed and So Should You

The contemporary pop culture commandment of “Don’t hate” has led me to the reasonable conjecture that it originated by communist propagandists, who cleverly found a way to brainwash people with this glib slogan to believe that it is wrong to hate, so as to weaken their moral sense to hate for the right reasons. Hatred of evil motivates people to act to fight it. The communist propagandists want to short circuit the emotional force that compels people with righteous indignation to act against evil.  I will use the example of the Fed, i.e. the Federal Reserve System, to illustrate my point on the importance of hate for justice to be done. I hate the Fed because it robs people of their property by inflating the currency, resulting in needless higher prices that do not reflect the true value of goods and services. Am I wrong to hate that which commits an evil such as stealing, which is what the Fed is doing against working Americans? I will go further and emphatically state that I hate the Fed because it makes the Powers that Be who control it more powerful over us as they profit from the unconstitutional wars they fund our military to fight- through usury exacted against our children and our children’s children. We become slaves to these financial masters of deceit. Forget about pulling punches because a man that hates evil is not going to be inclined to pulling punches, believe me. Interest is a euphemistic synonym of usury, which God prohibits according to the Holy Bible. I hate evil; I hate the Fed. The Fed is evil. Think about this statement. I will not gloss my disdain with economic justifications for auditing the Fed. I refuse to be reasonable because I am a hater of evil. I hate the Fed because it is evil. You do not reason with evil; you fight it. You follow our Lord and Our Savior Jesus Christ and turnover the tables of the money changers. You do not have hearings because they should have already happened by now. Ron Paul is a gentleman- and he will take a gentleman’s approach. As a commoner I will make my hatred known. Hate what is evil and love what is good. A sound and honest money system is good- and all good comes from God. Let God’s will b e done! Hate the Fed and join with others to destroy it. Be a modern day Andrew Jackson and rout the evil out!

© 2011, Paul M. Lovett