Sonntag, 20. März 2011

Nationalist Libertarianism: The Resurgence of Patriotic Anti-Zionism

The political duopoly of the Democratic and Republican parties support the foreign interests of Israel as demonstrated by the billions of dollars of foreign aid their agents in Congress appropriate for this criminal regime. Congress is Israel’s political whore- and Americans condone this illicit relationship by voting for the same Israel-First politicians over and over again. The pro-war neoconservative and neoliberals are against the interests of our country because they enable the corporations and banks to profit from the spilling of American blood, which will continue as long as Americans rely on fiat currency for their daily bread. The foreign bank of the Federal Reserve has remained in place since 1913- and Congress as yet to end the practice of relegating their constitutional duty to coin and regulate money to this un-American criminal enterprise. The usury economic system that Americans are enslaved under is against clear biblical teaching.  As written in Deuteronomy 23:19-20, “Thou shall not lend with usury to thy brother; usury of money or of grain, usury of any thing that is lent is unclean.” Usury was, and still is, a Jewish dominated practice, epitomized by the Rothschild banking family of Europe, who has had a controlling interest in the Federal Reserve through their Bank of England.  Fiat money from the banks is what finances the unconstitutional wars we are fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, and now in Libya because of the no-fly zone now being imposed. Americans have been debt slaves and cannon fodder for the elite foreign Jewish bankers because of the economic and foreign policy of Congress, which is beholden to the corporations, banks, and Israel- and not to the American people. The majority in Congress have contempt, knowingly or not, for Americans as shown by their support for free trade agreements and globalization policies that are robbing Americans of their jobs, by their support of unconstitutional wars that benefit Israel, and by their support of a so-called economic stimulus package that increased the profits for Jew banks such as Goldman Sachs. The contempt of Congress is even deeper against White Americans as they are shut out of jobs to make room for minorities under affirmative action.  What we need are economic and foreign policies that unabashedly place working Americans first, not corporations, banks, and Israel.
We need a federal government that protects working Americans from the deleterious effects of globalization by ensuring that Americans are given preference to jobs over foreigners that are employed by American-based corporations. The libertarian liassez faire economic policies are not in the interests of working Americans because they do not distinguish Americans from foreigners when it comes to jobs. If a foreign corporation is doing business in America the same preference to working Americans should apply. A federal government that cannot protect the economic interests of working Americans is unfit to govern. Secondly, the unconstitutional wars being fought on Israel’s behalf need to stop because they go against the interests of working Americans, as they are the ones who are forced to pay the debt to the foreign Jewish bankers who profit from the spilling of American blood. Furthermore, the Israeli government has contempt for Christians as it is illegal for Christians to proselytize others to the good news of Jesus Christ in Israel. Providing foreign aid to a regime that has contempt for Christians is highly inappropriate as many working Americans are Christians-and they would understandably be offended to know that their tax dollars are being used by an anti-Christ regime to persecute Christians. But here in America we have religious freedom, which affords Zionist Jews to worship according to their Christ-hating Talmud. Thirdly, Congress needs to assume its rightful constitutional authority and duty to regulate money- and to wrest the control of the People’s money from the elite foreign Jewish bankers. Fourthly, the Israeli Lobby needs to be broken because of the inordinate power and influence they have over American foreign policy, which goes against the interests of working Americans.  Conflating the political interests of America and Israel only conceals from the public the primary loyalty that the neoconservative Jews have for Israel over America.
 Lastly, a healthy "America First" sentiment needs to be ignited in the hearts of freedom-loving Americans because we are the only ones that can effectively turn the tables against the Zionists traitors to our nation. America was founded by our European ancestors because of their love for freedom, which is a value that compelled them to colonize the New World. We, as freedom-loving Americans, are the defenders of the legacy of freedom- and we are expected to lead in the fight against the enemies of freedom such as the Zionists, Communists, and Socialists who despise what we stand for. Make no mistake, for freedom to be nurtured it must be protected by the people through government by enacting and enforcing laws that protect the American worker and businesses from negative impact of globalization, and the destabilizing effects of a usury-based economic system of fiat currency controlled by foreign elite Jewish bankers. The phrase “foreign elite Jewish bankers” is appropriate and fitting because it calls out and identifies the traitors to America. A strong American nationalism needs to be in place for freedom to flourish. Some so-called “conservatives” will wax eloquently about the Founding Fathers but choose to ignore their nationalist economic policy of the tariff to protect American industry. Some so-called “libertarians” will advocate economic freedom but dismiss the plight of an unemployed American man as a result of a market self-correction, who is trying to find work to support his wife and children after being fired by a company who hired an H1B visa holder from India to take his place- or worst a criminal illegal alien from Mexico. For freedom to flourish it must be protected. The enemies of freedom must be fought in the political arena lest we lose what little freedom we have left. The major enemy is the anti-Christ Zionist and Communist Jews who wants so-called anti-hate legislation to silence the political speech of  freedom-loving Americans who are not afraid to speak the truth about Zionist treachery. America is the last bastion of freedom. Nationalist Libertarianism strikes a balance between the interests of nation and freedom so as to effectively defend our last bastion of freedom. Nationalist Libertarians need to approach the anti-Christ Zionist and Communist Jews as enemies of our nation and freedom because they have proven themselves as enemies by their political agenda and actions. Only an honest and bold approach to this enemy would enable us to more effectively defend our nation and our freedom.  
© 2011 Paul M. Lovett                  

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