Sonntag, 20. März 2011

Demonizing White Nationalists for Protecting the Interests of Whites

I believe most people would be struck by the peculiarity of someone criticizing a father for protecting his child from an assailant, through the appropriate measure of physical intervention. Imagine some bystander berating a man for pushing an assailant carrying a knife towards the child. The spectacle of a man being subjected to moral condemnation for merely preventing the assailant from attacking the child should incite the righteous indignation of any right-thinking observer. However, in this screwed up world of people pusillanimously heeding to the politically correct dictates of the long dead and buried Judeo-Marxist intelligentsia of the Frankfurt School, the general public is sadly far from being right-thinking. As you may suspect I am trying to go somewhere with the above hypothetical situation by using it as an analogy to describe the present state of affairs the White Nationalist movement is up against. The longstanding affirmative action policy of legalized discrimination against Whites has bred justifiable resentment among our people. However, when our people stand up against this unjust government policy they our deemed “racist” and “haters.” Affirmative action is a government policy that is openly hostile to Whites, which is exploited by Zionists powers that be and their favored minority benefactors for their selfish ends- and condoned by the misguided White majority of mainstream media consumers.
The Zionists powers that be have succeeded; in this case of continuing the unjust policy of affirmative action, in corrupting the rational thought processes of Americans through decades of mass media brainwashing.  The corruption has reached the depths of resigned acceptance of this injustice by many of our people, as though the absurd social spectacle of affirmative action was something tantamount to the cyclical natural occurrence of the sun rising in the morning. Granted, affirmative action is a de facto reality but it is far from being natural in accordance to God’s will of maintaining a just social order of rewarding people for the application of their aptitude, through the meritorious achievement of meeting the legitimate needs of people. Affirmative action is social deviance, a caricature of justice, and a distorted view of productive human relations. Affirmative action is ungodly, and from an authentic Christian perspective the sign of the anti-Christ because it awards envious resentment among those who think nothing of stealing a job from a more qualified applicant who is not favored by the Zionists powers that be.
The man in the analogy, as you may know, is the racially-conscious White Man: the Protector of his Children, which is the White Race. He is demonized when he takes a fatherly stand against the injustice of affirmative action, the knife in the analogy; because the Zionists powers that be, the assailant in the analogy, know that the racially-conscious White Man is the only legitimate threat to the success of their treachery: the continued corruption of the White Race. The Zionists powers that be have every reason to perpetuate the public demonization of the racially-conscious White Man through their control of the mainstream media. Think about it; without perpetuating the demonization Whites, the bystanders in the analogy, would no longer take part in the absurdity of condemning their racially-conscious brethren for protecting their interest through political activism against affirmative action, and the Zionists powers that be will consequently fail is this divide and conquer tactic.
© 2011 Paul M. Lovett

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