Dienstag, 22. März 2011

Calling Out the ADL as Christ-Hating Jews

 The ADL is an unregistered foreign agent of the state of Israel, which spies on patriotic Americans and provides intelligence for Mossad: the intelligence agency of Israel. The latter statement is one that many in the freedom movement would agree with as factual but another known fact would not be mentioned openly, lest the one reporting it would be labeled as an anti-Semite. The fear of that hackneyed label is understandable, given the possible repercussions of involuntary termination from employers who are acutely reactionary to any freethinking individual who has the courage to speak the truth, albeit unpleasant and offensive to many who are unduly influenced by the mainstream propaganda of political correctness. Speaking the truth openly against the ADL smears of leaders in the patriot movement requires an honest and bold approach to be effective. The example of Jesus Christ in speaking the truth, through his courageous transparency of condemning the Pharisees of his day, is one that many Christians in the freedom movement could follow but refuse to for fear of personal repercussions. As I learned about the ADL’s activism against the political speech critical of Jews and Israel I became indignant as I see freedom to share ideas as a God-given right. The ADL has the audacity of pushing for anti-hate legislation when the Bill of Rights is crystal clear on freedom of speech. Given the inalienable right of political speech the ADL is, knowingly or not, usurping the divine prerogative of God in granting people such rights. I see this act of usurpation as subversion to the ordered liberty that our Founding Fathers established for all Americans to enjoy. As a Christian I am compelled to follow the example of Christ regarding the Jews of the ADL. I will call them out as Christ-hating Jews because of their attempt to preclude Christian values in public life through their push for more anti-hate legislation against Christians. The ADL has already succeeded in muffling the voice of Christian preachers in Canada, by pushing for anti-hate laws that have already resulted in jailing Christian preachers who publically condemn the immoral practice of homosexuality. I cannot sit back and condone this act of contempt towards my fellow Christians by keeping my thoughts to myself on this controversial topic. I will express them openly as God gave me the courage to follow my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If following Christ in this manner will result in persecution then so be it. The image of Jesus Christ overturning the tables of the moneychangers in the temple inspires me to protest against the Federal Reserve and its fiat monetary system of financial enslavement. I believe it is God’s will for Americans to live in freedom. The ADL is an enemy to freedom- and I believe that as an enemy of freedom the ADL is an enemy to God.
© 2011 Paul M, Lovett           

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