Samstag, 20. November 2010

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I hope that the title of my blog, sovereignty4us, leaves you with a sense of how I view the role that We the People play in the world of politics. For many politics has to do with the election of public officials and the policies they advocate, which enpowers government to enforce the decisions they want us to follow. Politics, according to this general view, is power to control- but for our own good or ill depending on ones perspective. However, the role that We the People play according to the sovereignty4us blog is that We the People control goverrnment. Just as you would not expect your neighbor to demand a fee for doing nothing for you We the People should not expect government to tax us for something that We the People do not want. For example, if paying taxes to benefit a favored group does not benefit We the People, and it is something that We the People do not want, then what right does that group have to receive such a benefit? Could it be the right granted by We the People through our tacit consent? In otherwords, could our silence be construed by our political leaders as a green light for them to impose their oxymoronic agenda of benevolent tyranny over us, as though we were of the maturity of toddlers who do not know any better for our own well being? Granted, a unsupervised toddler could place his little hands on a hot plate- but do we really need this kind of caretaking from our government? Are we toddlers? Perhaps some of us are toddlers when it comes to not being equipped, emotionally and mentally-even spiritually- with the ability to take responsibility in a system of ordered liberty bequethed to us by our American ancestors. Here at sovereignty4us blog the ability to take responsibility in a system of ordered liberty is something worth nurturing in the world of politics that We the People, like it or not, live our daily lives in.       

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